Schizophrenia is a disorder affecting a person’s mind which manifests itself in the intra-personal and inter-personal behaviour of the person. schizophrenia has several causes and one or more of these causes may be responsible for the development of this disorder in a person.

The Genes

Most experts and researchers working on schizophrenia for years suggest that it is genetic. If there have already been cases of schizophrenia in the family line in either the present or earlier generations, then one is most likely to develop it. However, even when one has no instance of schizophrenia in the family history may develop this order for certain other factors.

The Upbringing

schizophreniaIn most cases, the patients of schizophrenia have the background of a childhood of deprivation. Children who are not well-fed and not properly taken care of, run the risk of facing an identity crisis sooner or later. Those children, who have been neglected by their parents or have been deprived of the basic necessities, go on to develop several abnormalities during adolescence and youth which are the peak phases for schizophrenia.

The Environment

A negative environmental conditioning is detrimental to a person’s mental health. People are conditioned by the environment in which they were brought up as a child and in which they continue to exist. Even those children who are properly nourished and have no particular deprivation, may develop schizophrenia if they witness misery and squalor all around them. Environment exercises a powerful influence on human mind. A gloomy and bleak environment crushes the individual inwardly. In this case, a person may experience brain malfunctioning.


Those who have nothing wrong in their heredity, upbringing or the immediate surroundings, may also suffer from schizophrenia if they happen to be alcoholic. Too much of alcoholism has a damaging impact on the senses and the mental faculty. As a result of this, a person may develop hallucinations to begin with and become schizophrenic later on.

Addiction to Drugs

Drug addiction is often the chief cause of schizophrenia in youth. Many young boys and girls addicted to psychoactive drugs such as marijuana and others, become easy preys of schizophrenia. These drugs alter the regular functioning of the brain which results in faulty perception and abnormal response to a given stimulus.

Although these are some of the common causes of schizophrenia, in a good number of cases, none of these factors are found to be responsible for the disorder. In some cases the cause of schizophrenia is unknown even to the physician treating the patient.