Zyprexia is my miracle drug! It made all my delusions disappear! I have not experienced such great effects from my previous medications. I will definitely stick to using this medication for a while. I don’t care about the drug giving me weight gain. As long as it eliminates all the symptoms of my psychotic disorder, I’m cool with it.


I was on Zyprexia for about four months now. Though I still experience paranoia, other symptoms of my Tourette’s Syndrome were significantly eliminated. The tics I am having now is reduced to half. So far I don’t experience any weight gain. I am taking 5mg of Zyprexia. I won’t increase the dose because it may lead to weight gain.


I have a bipolar disorder. I am 25 years old and I’m taking Zyprexia. Compared to my previous drugs, Zyprexia is a great medication. I take the medication at night for three times a day. The only complaint I have about the drug is that it makes me fat. I’d rather stay fat than to suffer any bipolar symptoms ever again.


I have been always hostile and agitated. Then, my doctor prescribed Zyprexia. I took it and it worked fast for me. If you are suffering from an extreme agitation, you must consider Zyprexia. Tell your doctor about it and work with him. You can really take advantage of having a good result when taking this drug.


If it is not for the weight gain, I would give Zyprexia a perfect rating. But aside from the significant gain in weight, Zyprexia is a great medication for my bipolar disorder. For the first two weeks of taking it, I felt really tired. But once you get used to it, you will definitely feel more comfortable. All the symptoms of bipolar disorder will be gone, like what happened to me.


I have tried almost every treatment for anxiety. I did not get any longer-lasting results from my previous drugs. And then I was introduced to Zyprexia. With just three days of using it, it gave me a wonderful feeling. I also gained weight from taking this drug, which is also a benefit because I was skinny. As long as you eat healthy foods, you are good to go. Again, the effect of Zyprexia is truly worth it. It can change your definition of dealing with anxiety as it has changed mine.


I have used almost all the available drugs for anxiety and depression, but only Zyprexia gave the results I really wanted. It is by far the best antipsychotic drugs available. Believe me. If you are in a desperate need of a medication that works for your depression, I highly recommend this drug. Zyprexia lets me concentrate on living my life the way I want it. You will not go wrong with this medication.


I was suffering from depression until I found about Zyprexia. It has become the most effective drug I have ever taken for my condition. After many years of fighting off depression, Zyprexia helped me have a new chapter in my life. The effects were phenomenal. I have a positive outlook towards everything and I never let depression take control over my life. This drug has been sent from up above.