Zyprexa commonly referred to as Olanzapine is an antidepressant used to treat psychotic symptoms such as manic depression and scizophrenia in both adults and children.

Alcohol consumption while under Zyprexa dosage is extremely dangerous and unhealthy for anyone. There are many worst case scenarios of mixing the drug with alcohol though one can’t specifically tell the outcome until they show up.

Zyprexa and alcoholManufactures of Olanzapine (Zyperia) do not recommend the use of alcohol while under this medication, because it has serious side effects. Both alcohol and Zyprexa are central nerve system active substances and are capable of causing drowsiness with continued use. Drowsiness is known to cause accidents on roads and falls from tall buildings.

Secondly, alcohol is not recommended for people experiencing mental illnesses. It’s therefore good to abstain from alcohol while undergoing medication. Excessive consumption of alcohol worsens Psychosis.

It’s however not the case for people who are used to Olanzapine’s side effects. Consumption of small amounts of alcohol is not likely to cause harm to such people.

Though medical practioners recommend that alcoholic beverages be completely avoided during such periods of treatment. After this period, one is free to try a glass or two of their favorite whisky as long they do not experience in further side effects.

All the same one needs to be extra cautious though, since Olanzapine increases the nervous system’s side effects such as dizziness, reduced concentration and impaired judgment apart from the above mentioned drowsiness when mixed with alcohol.

It also causes accidents in cases where one in involved in activities such as operating heavy machines since this activity requires mental alertness. In case you want to engage in such activities you should consult your doctor for further directives.


If you find alcohol consumption unavoidable while taking the drug you should avoid taking too much alcohol at a time. Drink small quantities at a time.

You can also visit your doctor for further directives on this. He/she can allow you to consume small quantities as long as the side effects are minor.

You should never stop taking the drug just because you feel like drinking alcohol. Your health is more important.

Since the consumption of Olanzapine causes drowsiness and impaired judgment one should never drive while still under the influence of the drugs.

Zyprexa also lowers your tolerance to alcohol and it will make you more sensitive to the side effects of alcohol.